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A place where women can learn about the latest blockchain projects, career opportunities, events and more! 

WFC Homies NFT

WFC HOMIES are a limited fine art pfp collectible 100 NFTs) recognizing the diligent work of Women for Crypto in Miami, Florida over the past 3 years. Recognized as a Community Leader Spotlight of “Who to Follow” at NFTNYC ‘24, this collection will be featured at this year’s conference.

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Events & Webinars

Join our upcoming community talks on crypto and Get Free your POAP NFT for attending!

Crypto Career Opportunities

Find Blockchain companies that are offering new opportunities.

Crypto Airdrops

What are Crypto Airdrops? And how can you find reputable projects?

Career Mentorship

Get paired with one of our  career mentors for women starting their careers in Technology ( Cybersecurity, Data Science, QA, Software development, Project & Product Management, UX/UI Design and ect.)

Blockchain Resources

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